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Innovation. It’s one of Technicolor’s strongest competitive advantages. Over the past century we’ve reinvented ourselves again and again, always keeping our place at the forefront of both creativity and technology.

Technicolor is not a place for people who like to stand still. In fact, invention is in our DNA. From the creation of the world’s most successful color film process in the 1930s to the development of the MPEG4-HD in 2004, we have been behind many of the biggest advances in entertainment technology. In fact, we hold over 40,000 patents. So our future, like our past, will be built from sustained innovation in next-generation video and audio technologies and experiences.

We have a successful research organization dedicated to creating the next wave of connected home technology. But innovation is part of everyday working life for all our people – whatever their role. You’ll find innovation in our HR department, just as much as in one of our cutting edge VFX studios. And you’ll find the same restless, inventive mindset in our sales teams as in our digital project teams.

In all our long history, right now is probably the most exciting time of all to be working in our areas of expertise. So hold on to your hat – things are about to get interesting.

  • We own 40,000 patents, and we’re granted around 2,000 new patents each year
  • Our Exploratory Program allows for quick exploration of promising ideas and partners with leading universities, like Stanford, Harvard and Oxford
  • We created 1500 assets for the top selling video games and TV productions in 2014
  • The Technicolor Sound team won the Oscar in best sound mixing for "Whiplash"
  • Our brands are responsible for over 150,000 visual effects shots annually across feature film, television and commercial content
  • We created over 1,200 minutes of animation for leading children’s shows in 2014