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If we had to give a single reason, it would be this: ‘With Technicolor you can make an impact in a global, multi-cultural company where art and creativity meet technology.’ If we had to give seven reasons, they would go something like this:

Seven reasons to build a Technicolor career

  1. Working here is exciting.

    Although we’re an efficient and profitable business with some big plans for the future, we’ve never lost that sense of wonder that comes from creating something amazing, or finding a new way to tell a great story.

  2. We are the only truly global creative technology company that touches every part of the entertainment ecosystem, from content creation to consumption.

    So the opportunities to learn and to develop your career in unexpected directions are limitless.

  3. We are a diverse and multi-cultural business.

    That means we have a wide range of roles, projects and locations to choose from. It also means that you can, if you want, develop a highly mobile, international career with us.

  4. Innovation is in our DNA.

    For 100 years we’ve ever stood still. We’re behind some of the biggest advances in entertainment technology, and our inventions have enhanced the lives of billions. For you this means the chance to work with the latest technology in a lively environment where change and improvement is an ongoing process.

  5. We make it easy for you to learn and develop new skills.

    When your business moves as fast as ours, your people need to be agile. So we invest heavily in initiatives to keep you up-to-date with the market – things like professional accreditation and certification, or Leadership Talent programs that partner with best-in-class experts and universities.

  6. Our work attracts the best.

    Our business can be challenging and demanding, but the quality of work we offer, and the projects work on attract some of the world’s best talent. Which means you can look forward to working with some great colleagues.

  7. This is a place where everyone can have an impact.

    We pride ourselves on being a business that offers autonomy and empowerment – somewhere with managers who are open and listen to ideas and plenty of opportunities for you to take initiative and prove yourself